Friday, May 22, 2009

Front yard make-over

Last year we did a ton of work removing bushes and planting grass, but it's been looking a little unkept, and I've been dying to fix it up. I finally had a day off in May with perfect weather, so here we go.

This is what it looked like when Ricardo left for work in the morning -- I just had the brick border layed out. (The border matches the ones we put in last summer in the backyard.)

The last border I put in came out a little crooked, and I was determined not to let that happen again. I got out my trusty twine, and stretched in tight to form a straight guide line.

After I got the border put in, I had to remove all the overgrown grass and weeds -- that was not the fun part of the job.

Then I planted a bunch of bright-colored impatients. I planted begonias in the same spot last year, and wanted a change.

Two bags of mulch later, and I'm finally done! My shoulders were sore for two days, but I smile everytime I come home and admire my hard work.