Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snowy night

We finally got a little snow. It's all gone now, but I'm crossing my fingers for a white Christmas. 

The Griswold family tree

My favorite Christmas movie of all time is Christmas Vacation. (Who doesn't love the scene when their ridiculously big tree breaks the windows in their living room?) Anyway, this year I decided we should give it a shot, and cut down our own tree.

We returned to Homestead Farm (where we go pumpkin picking). I was happy to see they give you a ride out to the fields and back.

We spend a while wandering around, looking at all the trees and debating over what kind we wanted.

Timber! We finally settled on this guy.

Ricardo dragged it out to the road to wait for the tractor.

It's getting cold!

And here it is on our car, bagged and tagged.

Now we just gotta get it in the house.

It was a tight squeeze, but the tree made it inside. Now for the hard part: trying to keep the damn cats away from it.  

Happy Anniversary to us!

In November we celebrated our 3rd anniversary. Ricardo took me out to a fancy restaurant... Cheers!