Friday, January 30, 2009

Good morning, Mr. President

Okay, I admit it... every day I'm been saying "good morning" under my breath to the Obama family as I walk by their home.

The White House on January 21, 2009 -- the dawn of a new day in America.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Here we go, the post you've been waiting for...

Ricardo, Jen, Lisa & Tony, all bundled up and filled with excitement, leave the house early in the morning.

After all the planning and worrying, we got downtown with no problem. Tony expresses his joy... we're all feeling the incredible energy.

The crowds start to build... everyone is headed in one direction, with a smile on their face.

Vendors line the street, but don't get distracted...

... we have to get through these crowds!

Military is everywhere... this might be the safest place in the world.

We made it! We get excellent spots in that stands, and we're psyched -- we have a breathtaking view of the Capitol and Pennsylvania Avenue.

Directly across the street from our spot is the Mayor's reviewing stand -- sweet!

Lots of people on TV say that this isn't a political event, but it sure is for Jen.

Signs on a building welcoming Obama and thanking Bush... and we're about to see both of them drive by us.

The President and President-elect, round the corner on their way to make history.

Wow -- all those vehicles to protect 2 of the most important people in the world.

Jen & Ricardo, overjoyed with excitement... it's only a few minutes, now!

It's happening!!! Loudspeakers broadcast the ceremony from the Capitol for all of us to hear.

Everyone stands, facing the Capitol, and listens.

Finally, we have a new President!! We hear the chants of "O-BAM-A" from the Mall, and join in.

Ricardo is thrilled.

Jen still can't believe it really happened!

Now we have time to kill. Luckily, behind us are cell phone towers.

Everyone has the same idea.

Meanwhile, the sharpshooters get ready....

...the hotel rooms fill with people (including lots of housekeepers)...

...and the roofs fill with people.
A couple of local photographers join us in the stands.

We're all really cold... it's time to start the parade already!

Woo-hoo! Here we go!


Air Force...

Fife & Drum...

Guys with muskets...

Lots and lots of vehicles, until finally the limo we've been waiting for...

President Obama and his family! We can see Barack, Michelle, and Malia waving.

The crowd goes crazy, waving, chanting, and screaming.

We did it! We survived the 20-something degree weather for 7 hours, to be a part of history. For the rest of our lives, we can each say "I was there."

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tomorrow is a brand new day!!

I still can't believe that tomorrow everything in this country will change. This morning, President-Elect Barack Obama drove by our house TWICE on his way to and from Walter Reed Hospital for a surprise visit to injured soldiers. The 1st time, the motorcade surprised us, but the 2nd time I ran out of the house like a crazy woman in my pajamas to wave and jump up and down for the our new President. Neighbors rushed out of their houses, yelling and screaming, some in their bathrobes, so I didn't feel too nuts. It was a thrill of a lifetime to have a President see me in front of my home, with our American Flag flying, and our Obama banners on our porch. We'll see you tomorrow, BHO!!!!!

The concert of a lifetime

Here we are, with 300,000 friends at the We Are One concert at the Lincoln Memorial. We were on the left hand side of the Reflecting Pool, about half way up. We had plenty of room to dance and make fools of ourselves. It was a performance that featured star after star, but the biggest applause went for Obama.

Ricardo & Jen, before the concert. Yes, we're happy to be here, at last!
Amy & Ricardo before the concert.

Jen and her new boss (circled) on the jumbotron.

Ricardo & Obama (circled).

Bruce Springsteen, bringing a tear to my eye, opening the show.

Folks broadcasting U2 to their friends via cell phone.

The crowds walking up 15th Street after the show.

The crowds in front of Ebbitt (about 5 deep). It took us over 2 hours to get home.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Street vendors

The street vendors have been my weakness lately. It's hard to pass without picking up at least a pin.

This has been one of my favorite purchases -- a mini basketball.
Unfortunately most of the tee shirts are pretty tacky.

You can never have too many pins.

I've bought 2 hats so far.

I think I can pass on the tote bags and ties.

Signs, signs, everywhere there are signs

You see Obama signs all over the place, in the windows of all types of businesses.

This jewelry store put an Obama poster over their sign.
The window of a restaurant with an Obama display.

Even CVS is getting into the spirit.

And finally, a newsstand. Have you noticed that almost every magazine has Obama on the cover?