Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring garden tours

This past weekend I took some friends to the White House Spring Garden Tour. It was a perfect spring day -- sunny & breezy. I hadn't been on a garden tour for years, but I have to say this is my favorite tour. The grounds are gorgeous, and I just love the architecture of the South Portico. I didn't take too many photos, but here are a few highlights...

Jen in front of the south fountain... one of my favorite spots.

Corner facade of the White House.

Rose garden as seen through the trees.

Jen at the famous kitchen garden. I wish I had that much space!

And the bee hive.

How here's a tour of MY spring garden...

Lots of color -- I planted all types of tulips and daffodils (close-ups below).

Happy spring!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Afghan completed!

I love finishing projects, and was thrilled to complete my big winter project, the wagon wheel afghan.

I was so happy that it came out the size I wanted -- it fits perfectly on the top of our bed. (I guess I'm not so bad at math, after all.)

Of course now that it's 90 degrees in Washington, I don't have much use for a wool afghan, but it's stored away safely for next year... away from kittie cat paws.