Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"We've been adopted" --- Ricardo

Meet Vince, our new kitten, enjoying his first inside meal.

Yes, I know --- we're crazy. It's a long story, but this weekend we welcomed a new kitten into our home. Actually, not all of us welcomed him --- Samantha won't stop hissing and growling.
Here's how this happened... this cute little tuxedo kitten lived in our alley when we moved in. Ricardo said the kitten greeted him on the day we moved in. Since then, every night we grilled the cat would come up to us and nudge, rub and purr --- he's very friendly. Our neighbors (who have 3 dogs) have been feeding him, and were planning on bring them in their home, since they had buried 2 of the kitten's siblings. Anyway, this weekend we were talking, and decided that we would take the kitten into our home, since we already have cats, and since we're crazy.
We named the kitten Vince, (bonus points if you can guess how I came up with this name --- remember: his big brother is named Johnny) and so far he's doing great.

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Velvet said...

Here we go. First you leave the perfectly acceptable 17th Street neighborhood where I can hear the wailing from Dupont Italian Kitchen Karaoke as I write this, then you become the crazy cat people. This is how it goes you know. There is a formula for crazy.

1) Move to the 'burbs.
2) Get more cats.

You're doomed. You are minutes away from asking to turn the heat on. You know this, don't you? Come back!!!