Friday, March 21, 2008

Happening NOW!

A picture tells a thousand words... Ricardo, Wolf Blitzer & Jen on the set of the SITUATION ROOM:

Last night we were in the Situation Room! Our friend Dave brought us, and it was fantastic.

When we first got there we were sent to the Green Room (yes, it was green). Then Dave brought us into the studio, and they were live on air with James Carville and Tom Dashle. I almost died! Finally I got to see the Ragin' Cajun in person!

Dave introduced us to Wolf during the first commercial break, and he was so nice. We're total news junkies, so this was just fantastic (as you can tell from the silly grins on our faces in the photo).

We got to visit the control room, which was also really cool. And we saw all the reporters in the studio -- they were all so tiny in person, and it's funny to see who has to stand on boxes because they're so short.

When we got our picture taken we all said "Happening NOW" instead of "cheese". And after we took the photo Ricardo asked Wolf if this photo was going to be in our hometown paper tomorrow (if you don't watch the show you won't get that).

Anyway, the whole thing was SO cool!

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Scenic Artisan said...

ha! cool.
i've been in a hundred theatres and not one had a green green room.