Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taming the tomato jungle

So, once again this year my tomatoes are growing out-of-control. Maybe it's too much fertilizer? I dunno... but these beasts are just too darn big.

I grew tomatoes in two locations this year -- here's the raised bed next to our back door. Its gotten so bad that we can barely make it up the stairs -- every few days I have to try to tie them up... but now they're taller than our 8 ft. poles, and I'm running out of ideas.

And here's the new tomato bed, by our back fence. I made Ricardo stand in front of the plants so you can see I'm not lying -- they're over 8 ft. tall! We're gonna need a step ladder to pick them.

I shouldn't really complain, though... because look at all these lovelies!

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