Sunday, August 16, 2009

Processing tomatoes the easy way & my first VIDEO

It's the middle of tomato canning season here in Brightwood, and this year I've discovered a miracle worker: the KitchenAid Fruit/Vegetable Strainer Attachment. I almost forgot that I bought this attachment last winter when I got my stand mixer, and I can't believe how great it is. Basically, it takes hours of work down to less than an hour (clean-up included).

Here's the tomatoes that came out of my garden this week, ready to be made into sauce and canned.

The attachment was pretty easy to put together (I googled it and found a YouTube video that showed how to do it). All you do is chop up your tomatoes and put them in the food tray, then push the tomatoes down. Juice comes out on one end, and the seeds and skins come out the other end.

Here's a close-up of the magic.

Those tomatoes filled my big 12-quart pot. 

I boiled the sauce until it was reduced by half -- it took about four hours -- now we're ready for canning. At the end of the day I had five beautiful pints ready for the pantry.

And here's a video of the attachment working, with my favorite model showing how to use it (because you know if he can do it, anyone can!)

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quigley said...

Looks good. Tomaters up here in northwest Iowa just won't ripen this year for some reason...