Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas decorating '09

Here are some photos of my Christmas decorations this year. I tried to be thrifty, but I can't resist trying new things every year... how did I do?

I've always wanted to make one of these cranberry trees. It wasn't that difficult, and only took about 2 and a half hours to make. The styrofoam cone was only about $4, but I had to use three bags of cranberries. I would make it again -- it still looked good even after two weeks.

I made these pinecone wreath thingies from the pinecones that I had glittered last year. I made four of them for the windows downstairs. My only cost was the ribbon I bought on sale... not bad for less than an hour of work and about $3.

I always make clove-studded oranges. I already had the cloves, and the oranges were a few dollars.

I like to have a few decorations in the kitchen (since I spend so much time there!)... so I decorared my dried spices with a few ribbons.

I made this kitchen wreath with the branches that we cut off the bottom of the tree. I added gold pinecones from last year, and recycled a bow. After the holiday I cut all the branches off the wreath form to reuse another time, so this cost me nothing.

I bought this wreath at the Christmas tree farm, and added my own bows. It costs about $22.

I decorated the corner of our living room with this old tree. I bought some little glittery snowflakes for about $4 to decorate the tree.

Even though I have a gazillion ornaments, I always make a few new ones each year. I had all the supplies on-hand for these glittered doves, but I broke down and bought some fancy Martha Stewart glitter (but I had a coupon!)... so they cost a dollar or so.

I also made these ice skates... I couldn't resist... I thought they were too adorable.

The end result? A tree with so man decorations that you can barely see the tree!

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