Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter wonderland? I think not.

I remember when I was a kid, and later when I lived in New Hampshire, snow was so pretty. And sometimes here in D.C., it can be pretty... for about an hour or so before it turns brown. We had one of these "winter wonderland" snowfalls about a week before our blizzards. On the walk to work I couldn't resist snapping photos in Lafayette Park.

Let's look at the differences between a nice snowfall of a few inches, and a not-so-nice blizzard.

BEFORE: It's 7 a.m., there's no one around, and everything looks so picturesque. Another bonus: the Park Service had even shoveled.

AFTER: I returned to work to face this scene. Now I know I've been off for 11 days, but I seem to remember that magnolia tree being much bigger. Also, I didn't appreciate having to climb over a snowbank to get into the park.

Sure enough, the magnolia lost half its limbs. Not so pretty now, is it?

BEFORE: The White House, looking so snowy.

AFTER: It looks kinda depressing now.

BEFORE: A big 'ol pretty tree, covered in snow.

AFTER: The same big 'ol tree, with a bunch of downed limbs.

BEFORE: Isn't it amazing how the snow sticks to each and every branch?

AFTER: Lots of those branches are now laying in the snow.

While I'm on a rant, another thing that's not so pretty? No trash pick-up in the city for 2 weeks.

A very long 2 weeks.

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