Friday, August 1, 2008

My favorite spot in the house

Ricardo think's I'm loopy, but I love our mudroom.

This is my view of the mudroom from the kitchen sink -- I can see my garden out the window. Samantha is my constant companion, and Vince is always lingering around his bowls.

In my mudroom I have hanging veggie baskets, which I'm also using to dry my cayenne peppers. On the wall is a popover pan. The sign says "Beware of hungry cat."

Here are closeups of the measuring spoons and hooks that we got at the ACC Baltimore. They're handmade in Fall River, Mass.

These are my mudroom shelves, loaded down with tomatoes, canning supplies and all my grilling stuff. I have herbs drying in the paper bags.

But maybe my real reason for loving this little room is that it's always home to a cat, or two, and if you're lucky, all three.

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