Monday, September 22, 2008

Fun with herbs: pesto

Here's how I make pesto. It's easy to make, but you have to use a food processor, and the pinenuts are expensive. But it freezes really well, and Ricardo loves it.

Fill up the bowl with basil that's been washed, dried and de-stemmed.

TRIVIA: my Cuisinart is at least 16 years old -- that $200 was well-spent!

Toast pine nuts in the oven for about 10 minutes -- roasting them brings out their flavor .

Add the pinenuts, chopped garlic, salt & pepper to the bowl.

Pulse until it's well processed, and then add olive oil as the machine is running until it's the consistency you like.

When you're done it should look like this -- it's bright green and pungent.

There you go -- six little containers ready for the freezer. In the cold winter months, one sniff will bring you right back to summer.

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