Thursday, February 5, 2009

Georgia Ave Thift Store

There's something for everyone but eventually, it all winds up in a place like this.

In today's economy, thrift stores make a lot of sense, and in the middle of all of the random bits of other people's lives, there are often some real steals and surprising treasures. It's usually hit or miss in here, so your best bet is to go as often as possible because you never know what might have been dropped off yesterday, today, or in the last hour.

You can find clothes, electronics, furniture, what appear to be old wedding gifts still in their in original boxes and apparently stored in someone's basement for 10 (or 20 or 30) years, and things that may actually make you go hmm?

Books are a bargain at $1 each and on any given day, among the self-help titles from the 70's, there are plenty of current hardcovers and paperbacks and pleasant finds like classic cookbooks (food never goes out of style), or maybe the old Time-Life fix-it series (the economy's bad, time to learn to do it yourself).

Their kitchen accessories are my personal favorite -- I really love the spice rack I picked up there for a few bucks a while back that goes perfectly in our (unintentionally) retro kitchen.

When it comes time to get your life streamlined, just clean out your closets and put your old stuff in the bin located just inside the door. Items like furniture and electronics have go through an inspection (we once had a couch rejected because of a small rip!), but they'll take just about anything that works and is in decent shape.

You don't get paid for what you bring in, but you can do what our neighbor does and use the store as kind of a home furnishing/clothing recycling center that lets you keep your house and wardrobe updated for cheap, without piling up more clutter.
If you're trying to save a few bucks, or maybe just want to find something different than what's available in the chain stores, make sure to put the Georgia Avenue Thrift store on your list of regular places to check out.
It's fun to just browse -- you never know what you'll find at this funky little shop on the 'Nue.
6101 Georgia Ave. NW
Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm, Sunday 11-7


Anonymous said...

Great Blog! Just found out about it on the list serv - GA Ave thrift...been going there for 30 years, ever since it was an AMVETS. Great finds available there, really good article. I look forward to reading your blog!

Seth & Mia
Luzon Ave

Anonymous said...

I live close to this thrift store. I usually donate stuff. It's pretty good though...


ToniAnnette said...

I love this store. I love the dinnerware selection. And great blog by the by.