Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Linen closet makeover

Our house is over 70 years old, and the linen closet was definitely showing its age. I've been putting off this project for a while now, but a long weekend in February seemed like the perfect time to get started. Like all home projects, it took about 3 times longer than I anticipated, and required an extra trip to the hardware store (Strosniders, what would I do without you?).

Here's the before shot of the closet. Try not to be too judgmental -- I know it's pathetic. We'd been using the closet for anything but linens, because it was just too yucky inside.
Once I took everything out, it looked even worse. I had originally planned on re-papering the side shelves, but when I saw how shabbily they had been installed (not sure why I never noticed this before), I knew they had to go.

So I ripped out the side shelves and started spackling.

Then I realized I better remove all the shelves so I don't miss any spots, so out came the hammer again. (And the cats did not appreciate this.)

I put on two coats of paint, and installed the shelves I picked up at Strosniders (they really do have everything in that store) -- and look, it's like brand new!

But the job still wasn't done -- I had to wash all of our sheets, towels and blankets that had been stuffed in boxes for almost a year and a half. Folding was the worst part -- I just don't have patience for it. The stuff that was old and didn't fit got added to the thrift store pile.

My favorite part is the handy little hooks I installed -- how cute is that? (I think I've spent way too many hours working in the closet -- I've clearly lost it.)

Now I just need Ricardo to finish refinishing the closet door, but in the meantime I'll enjoy the view of our organized closet.