Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall planters

I decorated my planters with a autumn theme for our spooky porch. Here's how I did it...

My impatiens did great this summer, but they're starting to look a little tired. Time for a change!

I planted gourds in my garden this year, and this is what I got. Have you ever seen anything like them? I know I haven't. Anyway, I couldn't resist using them in my planters.

All my supples spread out on the porch: indian corn, gourds, mini pumpkins, birds, mice, creepy crawlers, spanish moss, ribbon, rafia and wire.

I added some ribbon and rafia to my indian corn.

Using the spanish moss and rafia as a bed, I placed the gourds and pumkins, and wired on a bird and a mouse. Voila!

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Herb of DC said...

Your planters look great! Thanks for sharing!