Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm published!

Well, if you consider a blog post "published."

Check out my first guest contributor post on the Prince of Petworth blog.

To celebrate, I hiked up to Borders (on 18 & L) on my lunch break to buy Martha's new book, Cooking School. Now, I need this book like I need a hole in the head, especially since I bought myself a similar book for my birthday, but I couldn't resist. (It didn't hurt that Borders has the book 40% off, so I got the book for $27, instead of the $45 list price.) The photographs and design are beautiful and clean, and I love the way the book is organized. I googled the book's art director, and was thrilled to see Martha is continuing her habit of hiring RISD graphic designers.

The first recipe I'll make from this book is the butternut squash ravioli (sorry, hon', but wait till you taste it), since I'm now making my own pasta (more on this later).

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