Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Freezing beans, a step-by-step guide

Our green beans have hit their stride and are really growing going like crazy in the indian summer we've been having.

This is my wall of beans. The thing I've learned about beans, is that they're really hard to find. You have to pull back the leaves and shake the plant to see them.

And here they are --- they're the same color and size of the vines making them tricky to spot.

Here's my one day harvest -- I've harvested this many beans (enough for a dinner for 2) for the past 3 days.

After washing them, I cut the stems off.

Then I cooked them in boiling water, blanching them for 3 minutes,

and plunged them in an ice bath for 1-2 minutes to stop the cooking process.

The beans are bright green and I let them dry off a bit,

then I double-bagged them, and labeled them. Looks like I aready got one of Thanksgiving sides finished!

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